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JPS Launches New Five-Year Strategic Plan

June 7, 2024
The Ӱ Public School District unveiled its new 5-year Strategic Plan, “” on June 5, 2024, at the Ӱ Convention Center.
Superintendent Dr. Errick Greene presented the plan during a weeklong professional development conference for staff.
JPS Launches New Five-Year Strategic Plan
Supt., Dr. Errick Greene unveils new Five-Year Strategic Plan at
The new plan aims to bring in more resources to improve the learning environment for both students and educators.
It consists of five commitments:
  • Teaching and learning strategies
  • Building stronger teams
  • Sustaining joy
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Strong finish
“A focus on joy, and not just joy for children, joy across the district,” said Superintendent Greene. “We talk a lot about focusing also on organizational effectiveness. We know we’ve got to be a better organization. We’ve got to continue to grow as an organization, improving our systems, procedures, responsiveness, and customer service. And for sure, we need to focus on pathways for our scholars. Where are they going as they prepare to graduate from Ӱ Public Schools,” Dr. Greene continued.
“We’re anxious about those goals because you put them out there, and you invite people to hold you accountable for them, but that’s part of the magic in setting the goals and being confident about them,” said Superintendent Dr. Errick L. Greene.
“We’re confident in the strategies we will implement to create more joy in our schools, getting kids connected, and building relationships between our scholars, and between adults and scholars."
Another significant goal for the District is to improve its graduation rate from 84.1 percent to 90 percent.
This new plan will be in place when the upcoming school year starts in August.

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