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Wells Wins Big at Districtwide Visual Arts Exhibit

May 1, 2024

HUGE wins at the Districtwide Art Showcase

High Merrit Award Elementary: Cabe Newell

High Merit Award Middle School: Jordyn Sledge

High Merit Award High School: Jalon’ Rose Burrell

Outstanding Painting: Jalon Burrell

Outstanding Black & White Drawing: Destynee Younger

Outstanding Color Drawing: Jaliyah Bell

Outstanding Ceramics: Ari Perkins

Outstanding Digital Art: Kamille Johnson

Outstanding Printmaking: Simms Powell

Outstanding Mixed Media:

Beau Frost , Madeleine Hall, Jasper Powell

Elementary Division’s Honorable mention : Abigail Ford

2nd Place: Arielle Vance

1st Place : Madeleine Hall

The Middle School Division’s 2nd Place: Simms Powell

1st Place and Superintendent's Award: Jordyn Sledge

The High School Division’s

3rd Place: Jaliyah Bell

1st Place: Jalon Rose Burrell