Office of Climate and Wellness
  • The Office of Climate and Wellness, often referred to as Student Support Services, is committed to the mission and vision of Ӱ Public Schools.  We are focused on the District's core values and commitments and therefore provide support and assistance to schools and other departments in order to attain positive results.   This office provides support by leading the following initiatives:

    Student Appeals

    The Office of Climate and Wellness seeks to improve academic performance and achievement for all students by providing an optional placement for students having difficulty functioning in the regular academic setting. This request also supports JPS Goals. Ensure safe schools, and protect the health and safety of all students by ensuring that discipline consequences are administered according to federal/state laws and district policy when students are removed from a regular school setting.

    Universal Screening

    Facilitates and manages the diagnostic screening and progress monitoring of students (K-10th grade) in reading, math, and behavior.

    • Academic screening for reading and mathematics
    • Behavior screening

    Multi-Tiered System of Supports- State Board Policy Part 3 Chapter 41: Rule 41.1 Intervention

    • Tier I – High-Quality Core Instruction+ Differentiated Instruction
    • Tier II – Strategic/Targeted Interventions-Supplemental Instruction, small group
    • Tier III – Intensive Intervention, Individual, Teacher Support Team (TST)
    • Reading, Math, Algebra I, Biology I, U.S. History, English II, Behavior
    • Diagnostic Assessment Data and Progress Monitoring
    • MKAS2 Third Grade Literacy Assessment
    • Progress Monitoring-Data-driven instruction/interventions and decision-making ( Proficiency and Growth)

    Positive Behavior Intervention & Supports (PBIS)

    • Districtwide-Schoolwide
    • Systemic Implementation of Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support


    Technical Support

    • Processes & research-based practices/strategies
    • Data-driven technical support-action planning
    • Coaching, modeling, and support
    • Review current practices for TST/PBIS
    • Provides practical ideas/suggestions to improve

    Early Warning Systems

    • Promoting student attendance
    • Promoting re-engagement in educational services
    • Promoting graduation and career pathways


     These departments are also included in the Office of Climate and Wellness.

    Nursing Department

    Office of Counseling Services

Contact Information

  • 618 South President Street
    Ӱ, MS 39201
    (601) 960-8705, ext.2790

    Contact Climate and Wellness

    Amanda D. Thomas, Executive Director

    Helen Frazier, Coordinator

    LaKisha Johnson-Swinnie, Coordinator


Last Modified on July 16, 2024