• Ida B. Wells APAC Dance Department

    The mission of the Wells APAC Dance Department is to provide a safe, equitable, and inclusive environment for students to explore the art of dance. We are committed to studying long-standing traditions, while remaining committed to innovation and new ways of understanding dance as a living artform. We strive to provide students with a comprehensive curriculum that nurtures creativity, self-discipline, empathy, and collaboration. 

    The vision of the Wells APAC Dance Department is to produce dance artists that achieve globally, contribute locally, and are fulfilled individually.

    Core Values: Wells APAC Dance Faculty believes:

    • That a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and high standards will help each student to improve.

    • That every student is respectful to themselves and all others.

    • That we have pride, integrity, and trust in all that we do.

    • That every student can realize their fullest potential.

    • That every student has a civic responsibility to the dance department, the school, and the community.


    Dance Department Motto:







Last Modified on May 31, 2024