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    Dr. Errick L. Greene was appointed superintendent of Ӱ Public Schools in Ӱ 2018, shortly after the state had announced its plan to take over the persistently failing school district. He quickly led his team and the broader community in developing a bold new vision and strategic plan for the district. He restructured the central offices to better support schools and increased overall efficiency. 

    Under Dr. Greene’s leadership, the school district improved two letter grades on the state’s accountability system, increased private funding to support the strategic efforts, and made significant strides in resolving the numerous state standard violations.

    Dr. Greene’s commitment and service in the field of education extends more than 30 years and across several states and the District of Columbia.  He started his impressive career as a middle and upper elementary school teacher before serving as a principal, principal supervisor, educational consultant, and senior district leader. Before joining the team in Ӱ, Dr. Greene served as the Chief of Schools with Tulsa Public Schools, where he led the instructional leadership, family support services, and the district athletics teams. 

    Demonstrating his commitment to lifelong learning, Dr. Greene has earned several degrees: a doctoral degree in Educational and Organizational Leadership from the University of Pennsylvania; two Master’s degrees in Education – one from Trinity University and another from Howard University; and a Bachelor’s degree from Howard University. 

    Dr. Greene’s career has been fueled by the life-changing experiences that he had as a student, and by his unwavering commitment to providing an equitable and excellent education for all others.  


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