Department Overview

  • The goal of the Ӱ Public School District's Facilities Operations Department is to ensure safe schools and protect the health and safety of all students and staff through upgrading schools and improving school facilities. Facilities and Operations inspects and maintains facilities, provides an on-going maintenance program to upgrade schools, and improves facilities maintenance.

    The Facilities Operations department is composed of Construction, Carpentry, Climate Control, Custodial Services, Electrical, Electronics, Environmental, Plumbing, and Site Care. There are more than 250 employees making up the department’s staff.

    Facilities Operations Facts

    • Provides supporting role to all departments for the education of all students
    • Maintains approximately 5 million square feet of floor space, approximately 1,800 acres, 110 buildings, and over 200 portable classrooms
    • Communicates with schools and administrative facilities for service through a work order system
    • Processes approximately 5,000 work order requests per year
    • Manages building improvements through capital improvement projects and renovations/additions completed by contractors and/or in-house staff
    • Serves as project inspectors and managers for all building projects until completed
    • Administers use of facilities
    • Assists in design of new facilities
    • Works with state and federal agencies to ensure compliance with all environmental regulations
    • Maintains and updates a five-year plan of facilities' needs by site
    • Reviews plans and specifications prepared by design professionals

    Facilities Operations Services

    Areas of responsibility include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Carpentry
      Repairs glass, roofs, walls, floor covering, plaster, painting, blinds, locks, doors, ceilings, and renovates offices.
    • Climate Control
      Maintains energy management system. Installs, maintains, and repairs the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems at all sites.  This includes chillers, boilers, air compressors, pumps, motors, and air conditioner units (roof, ground or window mounted).  Repairs leaks associated with the HVAC systems and changes filters.  Manages HVAC contractors that augment the internal staffing needs.
    • Custodial Services
      Maintains cleanliness of facilities, performs small maintenance such as changing lighting lamps and ceiling tile, and moves furniture in preparation for refinishing floors. 
    • Construction
      Manages design firms as they design new facilities and addition to facilities, and major renovations.  Maintains blueprints for all facilities and building components.  Provides specifications and drawings for small renovation projects
    • Electrical
      Repairs equipment, stage and auditorium lighting, gymnasium and athletic field lighting, scoreboards, and security lighting.
    • Electronics
      Maintains and repairs master clocks, bell systems, intercoms, public address systems, and laminators. Maintains and repairs fire alarm systems and fire extinguishers.  
    • Environmental
      Manages the removal of chemicals in facilities, oversees asbestos and indoor air quality program and provides safety/environmental staff development.
    • Plumbing
      Installs, maintains, and repairs water pipes, hot water heaters, sewage systems and all restroom facilities.
    • Site Care
      Cuts grass and shrubs at administrative offices.  Oversees contracted lawncare providers at all schools. Completes minor fence, asphalt, and erosion control repairs. Inspects playground equipment.  Maintains signage and parking lot striping.

Contact Information

  • 101 Dr. Dennis Holloway Drive
    Ӱ, MS 39203
    Phone: (601) 960-8784
    Maintenance: (601) 960-8932

    Contact Facilities Operations

    Sandra Robinson, Executive Director

    Kirk Carthledge, Maintenance Director

    Natisia Johnson, Administrative Secretary


Last Modified on June 28, 2024