• The Youth Court School is committed to providing a quality interim educational program that will allow each juvenile the opportunity to achieve a higher learning potential while being detained at the Henley-Young Juvenile Justice Center.

    The Henley-Young Juvenile Center Youth Court judges, court administrator, detention director, counselors, teachers, and staff believe that all students can learn.

    The objectives of the school are to:

    • Allow youth enrolled in the Ӱ Public School District an opportunity to keep current with their studies and facilitate their return to their home school.
    • Give students an opportunity to succeed in their academics, which in turn can assist in improving self-esteem and promoting advancement to post-secondary education.
    • Provide opportunities for students not enrolled in school to explore education re-enrollment, pre-GED/GED courses, tutorial, life skills, and vocational opportunities.
    • Comply with state and federal regulation that require all youths to attend school.
    • Ensure the youth's right to be educated.


    • English, Mathematics, Reading, Science, and Social Studies are taught to Youth Court students.
    • Pre-GED and GED classes are offered to students enrolled in the Education Options program.


    • Youth Court's Education Options program provides opportunities for students not enrolled in school to explore school re-enrollment, pre-GED/GED courses and tutorials, life skills, and vocational opportunities.

    Educational Activities

    • Red Ribbon Week
    • Gospel Fest
    • Blacks History Month
    • Cultural Extravaganza
    • Motivational Speakers
    • Science Fair
    • Spelling Bee
    • Knowledge Bowl
    • May Day Week
    • College Day
    • College Spirit Week
    • Career Fair

Contact Information

  • Henley-Young School

    940 East McDowell Road
    Ӱ, MS 39204
    (601) 985-3061

    Contact Henley-Young

    Antonius Caldwell, Principal

    Linda Scott, Office Manager


Last Modified on June 29, 2020